Independent, and Global  Women Exert Divinely Endowed Spiritual Override of NOW and Other Women’s Groups Premature Endorsement of Obama:
Exercising A Woman’s Divine Right to Change Her Mind on the Anniversary of the Declaration of Sentiments and All Days Hereafter

Independent and Globally aware women are dissenting with NOW, Planned Parenthood, Feminist Majority and other women’s organizations endorsement of Obama, and urging a likely spiritually informed boycott of the upcoming election as planned, and call for it to be either held under fair free election laws with free media for all candidates that 65 nations already have, and include gender 50-50, which billions of people on Earth live under, and a woman Partner Vice-President retroactive to 2008 with Joseph Biden stepping down, or rescheduled for 2013. Indeed, they are calling upon both the Democratic and Republican and all parties to stop playing games with women, and offer an overdue full gender 5050 on tickets, drawn from the many women serving these campaigns as well as the large pool of educated intelligent women in the US, or cease and desist from further deception of the American people about democracy and what is needed to steward the United States national region in the 21st century.
In a voice of passionate dissent, speaking on behalf of and representing the millions of women’s who are not members of any women’s group, but some apparently more globally informed than many women’s groups such as Now and Feminist Majority about the absolute necessity of full women’s representation at this time to protect democracy and the planet Earth, the independent women are urging the women of America to follow the same wisdom of Naawal el Saadawi a very famous woman’s leader in Egypt,, who was followed by 49% of Egyptians who boycotted the recent election in Egypt, that offered a “choice” between two evils, rather than a true choice, with true representation, particularly for women. We must learn from those who boycotted in Egypt, and in the US, and if necessary, make it an even fuller boycott of the 51% of the American people who are female, and the large percentage of the 49% men, who realize the government with equal representation of women in fair free elections that protect women’s rights more securely, protects the environment, and protects the 99%. indeed, the 100%, against the hierarchical sociopathy of the most patriarchal 1% that has has been destroying this region of the world.
Justified and understandable fear of Romney, (particularly overfocussed on reproductive rights to the exclusion of many other just as important considerations for women),  is being used by the Patriarchal Corporations that dictate to Obama, to lure, seduce and herd women into prematurely accepting Obama-Biden, and an illegitimate Corporate pseudoelection along with him. Women must take not let their fear of the most obvious and apparent head of a Devilish Monster lure them into accepting a pseudoelection, which is, even on the Democratic side, is already also Devilishly, but more seductively and deceptively,  Monstrous, and truly Dangerous to all women in the US and worldwide, and the Earth.
The Independent and Global Women say there was a miscommunication at US Women’s Connect  a group that actively works on 5050 that was only given a few days to consider whether to endorse Obama, and that such a serious decision needed more than a few days, and was premature. They are encouraging US Women’s Connect, NOW, the Feminist Majority and others who participated in recent endorsements to exercise “A Woman’s Right to Change Her Mind”,  as a Divine Right, both as individuals and collectively and join millions of American women who are planning to boycott the current election as planned.

If you Google the phrase “A Women’s Right to Change Her Mind”, hundreds of links come up. In a country that has been representing only the most dominating of one gender for nearly 250 years, and a world that has been giving women second class citizenship for millennia, women are under enormous pressure to accept the lesser of two male evils, as usual. That is why it is so important for wise  and planet protective women to exercise their Divinely Endowed right to change their mind…and their world, now. US Women’s Connect  and all women (and nongenderist men) watching, is being urged to not wait for 2020 to call on the US, and UN, to implement 5050, but to implement it now in all national regions by Declaring women, and men who openly support 5050 as the true default government, or the world may never see 2020, due to environmental collapse.
The Independents including women in the Occupy movement and women in world regions that have or are actively promoting 5050 as an overdue and urgent necessity, assert that NOW and Feminist Majority (and other organizations which collect dues from their members while failing to inform them about the successful 5050 representation of women in other places on Earth) have a dangerous pattern of accepting mostly male evils in office,  have induced other organizations to follow them under time pressure, and now poses immanent danger to the Planetary Environment,  peace, the proper example to other countries, and using paradigms of wealth that count women’s and all community and family work, the only real way to prevent a worldwide economic collapse impoverishing billions, and intertwined with this,  a cycle of environmental catastrophe that becomes unrecoverable.
The current leadership of NOW and Planned Parenthood, some of whom acknowledge they have been victims of personal rape, incest and other ills, appear to be psychologically and habitually imbedded in overfocussing almost exclusively  on reproductive rights while forgetting other rights, and thereby unwittingly accepting and perpetuating patriarchy, and their own revictimization, at another level,  instead of gender partnership, unconsciously delaying women’s true and equal empowerment, and causing  immanent danger to the Planet that all must protect.  It is understandable that thousands of years of patriarchy, which is imbedded in family, economics, and media, as well as politics,  has messed with the minds, and dangerously, with the timetables, of even women who try to empower women.  But the Planetary need is urgent.  Let every woman find the Divinely endowed strength to break free of these delaying tendencies, stop inducing others into them,  and let all wise women withdraw the premature endorsement by threatening a Divinely Endowed boycott of an illegitimate election, instead.

The Independents are certainly not promoting Mitt Romney. He doesn’t offer 5050 either.nor does his party, and the corporations behind him, including Bain Capital, do not have anything near 5050 either. His and his patriarchally habituated wife’ Anne’s nominal Mormon religion does not ordain Women, and his true religion has devolved to the worship of hoarded false wealth. (But neither do Michelle and Obama publically recognize the Mother/Goddess Aspect of the Diety that billions of people in the US and worldwide do, at least not Yet). But it must be warned that fear of Romney is ironically being used to corral women into legitimizing an illegitimate election that will almost assuredly likely result in a Romney win, anyway, as the lesser of two evils approach in these times only produces the greatest of evils.

But the Democratic Party has a 5050 gender equal delegation rule in its convention delegates, and should be pressured with extreme pressure to bring 5050 forth on its tickets for this election via urgent recruitment from the many women it relies on as supporters and staff, as well as  recruiting independents,  the vast majority of American women, and challenge the Republicans and all Corporations to do the same.  If not, all alert human beings, especially women, should decry both major parties and the Dominator-Male Corporations behind them as immanent genderist dangers to the  US region and World,  prepare to  cancel/boycott the election, and insist on a statement of Truth and Reconciliation to the American people,  particularly women, about all elections since 2000 that have failed to offer 5050, and postpone the election to 2013.
The Male Dominated Corporate Media are selling this election, to make hoarded false wealth at everyone’s expense promoting making huge profits off the non-informative and expensive ads that never mention the facts about the extremity of our low representation of women, and they and other corporations their boards are interlinked with, actually control Obama and others in the upper levels of the Democratic Party, as puppets. (See to counter the corporate media and how to be the media and true defacto government, that brings gender truth to the world)

The Democrats actually won in 2000 and 2004, but ruled by complicit men at the top, they pretended they lost to give the reins of government to Republican Bush-Cheney, because the top of the Democratic party is not actually Democratic, but Dempublican. It is likely the Obama will be again be forced into this puppet behavior, (along with Biden who serves Mastercard, that is imporverishing millions of Americans, especially women, with debt and foreclosure) and women’s endorsements are being sought to give the election the veneer of legitimacy, especially to women, even ‘though behind the scenes, it is corrupt and illegitimate, and the Dempublicans and their Corporate Masters have already decided to make Romney the winner. Only if  Obama stands up for free fair elections, exchanges Biden for a Woman, and brings overdue 5050  on the tickets, does he deserve to have been called President at all.  Millions of Americans who voted for Hiillary did not vote for him because he had no woman on his ticket. But even these were never alerted by Hillary that the US was lagging so profoundly on representation of women, while other parts of the world were already at 5050, because, like many women, even Hillary had not freed herself from the impact of a patriarchal, women-and Mother-disrespecting father-figure and unfaithful husband.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens’ United Decision is a precursor to a World War/War on the Environment the same way its Dred Scott decision was a precursor to the Civil War. Women (and men without property and people of color) were not present at the Constitutional Convention that created the Supreme Court, which itself is selected by gender imbalanced Presidents and an 86% Senate, and provides for no referenda, that many nations have,  to override destructive decisions. As they had no part in its Creation as the ultimate in false hierarchy, women are not bound to respect the decisions of such Supreme Error.
As both the Declaration of Independence and Declaration of Sentiments (which we celebrated July 20, when this was first published on the Internet)  pointedly state, citizens, and particularly women, are protected by Divinely Endowed right, to owe no allegiance to governments that do not represent them. “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of those who suffer from it to refuse allegiance to it, and to insist upon the institution of a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness”.  On July 4th and July 11th, women from the Occupy movement and other democracy movements offered Declarations of  the right of women to have full gender parity in representation, and all aspects of society, especially including government,  in Transformational Declarations and indeed New Millennial Commandments, to transform the world to fully respect women as equals of men. These are available at
The independents and Global Women are particularly forceful in saying that NOW, Emily’s List and Feminist Majority Leadership have been passively but very dangerously deceptive to their members and other women, about the importance of full 5050 women’s representation to protect women’s rights and other issues of great importance to women, such as paid family leave (which the US is alone among most democracies in not providing), promotion of real democracy and peace in other countries, a switch from the GDP to the Genuine Progress Indicator in measuring wealth, and protection of the environment.
As evidence of NOW’s backwards leadership, the Independents cite a NOW-promoted letter to Obama and Biden in 2008, in which instead of calling for 5050, which several other countries and many other jurisdictions have, and making America a true leader for women, NOW and the other organizations they misled into the joint statement, merely weakly asked for a paid women’s Cabinet position on women, a request that was never fulfilled and yet their was a lack of concerted criticism of Obama-Biden for even this lapse. NOW has never criticized either Obama or Biden for never stating, as should have been in Obama’s State of the Union address, that the US has fallen to a rank of 91st in the world in representation of women,( if you count ties) 78th without counting ties, but also totally unacceptable in the alleged leader of the free world.
Several countries,  and many large jurisdictions in the world have for many years had 5050, that serves billions of people, with a marked decrease in corruption and the moneying of politics, and studies have shown this protects the environment, even against global warming.    America should be first and set a pattern to be allfirst for women and the world, not dragging down the rest of the pack.
NOW,  Emily’s List and other organizations which have NOT promoted 5050 and have accepted the retarded status quo of 16% women, which is less than Afghanistan, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates, and generally failed to inform their members of America’s status of 91st in the world,  have been under active criticism by independents such as Author  and Women’s Commission Leader Paula Xanthapoulou, Transformer Dr. Rajchelle OneFamily Miller, Marriage and Family Therapist Carol Bouldin and many other women involved in the Occupy Movement, journalist Soraya Chemaly, Liz Abzug (daughter of Bella Abzug who called for 5050 by 2000), Women and Girl’s Advocate Amy Siskind who has called the current gradual approach in the US a “Gender Armageddon”,  and other women in the US, and global observers, who have decried the US rank of 91st, and how it is now corrupting the United Nations, with its titular male dominator, Ki Ban Moon, also picked, without a female partner, under regressive influence of  the US.
Bianca Jagger and Leah and Leah and Desmond Tutu  have called for a worldwide Revolution of women, not complicit cooptation in another round of a broken patriarchal system at it’s most dangerous endstage Cancer.
NOW (and all women’s groups) was recently urged to call and more truly empower all its members “Senators”, or indeed, Earth US Regional Co-Secretary Generals, in receivership of a government in default due to dominator-male corruption, rather than consider themselves mere activists and endorsers of those in a fallen system, and boycott any elections until their is 5050, in free fair elections. Indeed, the whole world is being urged to reschedule elections held under the illusion and influence that that the US has had a representative legitimate government since 2000.  It has not. It is the Corporate Media that has sold the lie that it has.

But NOW’s  self-defeating “leadership” has apparently not yet taken this advice to empower their members and inform them, is ignoring what happened to the women and people of Egypt who did take the bait of an illegitimate election, and is once again leading other organizations down the primrose path in the wrong direction, of passive resigned acceptance of the two headed evils of male domination, that immanently endangers democracy and  the Planet Earth. The endorsement is deafening in its lack of mention of the realities of 5050 already existing  in many  other parties and countries around the world, and makes no mention of the mind-searing 91st rank that the US has dropped to, even since a rank of 50 in 2000, which was even then unacceptable and never brought to the attention of American women, even its members, by NOW.
The NOW endorsement will simply legitimize a world-threatening pseudoelection that Mitt Romney will “win”, and cause the  cycle of immediate destruction of the Planet Earth shortly thereafter. Millions of Americans have not voted in recent corrupt “elections”, even without a gender perspective, and are already planning not to vote in this world-threatening pseudoelection, which is a horror to millions of men, let alone even less represented women.  Of all people, why in the world should women, the most disadvantaged by the current system,  once again promote  or legitimize it? If the Democrats cannot have Joseph Biden step down now, and belatedly produce a Woman VP (who should be seen as a Full Partner), and 5050 by September, women’s groups and all women,  should join these millions in an election boycott, and should immediately post their intention  to boycott now to all venues on the Internet, and notify the complicit and corrupt media, that, again, without gender 5050 and a woman VP now, this election is already canceled.

Independents and Global Observers are urging NOW and Feminist Majority, and any other organizations pretending that these endorsements speak for informed women, to empower their leadership and all their members to equally act with Divinely Endowed conscience and consciousness to question, challenge, and withdraw the premature endorsement,  act individually and then collectively as all empowered spokespersons to bring forth women who are stronger and truer advocates for women. They are urging any women who signed onto the premature endorsement to exercise the Divine Right of a Wise Woman to Change Her Mind, and are urging all observers to not take the endorsement as real or accurate reflection of what informed and urgently concerned women, respectfully given the time to consider the facts on how simple it is to demand and get 5050, even insisted on by male as well as female politicians, as has been done elsewhere around the world.
Until then, wise organization members and women not affiliated with any organization,  should view and call themselves and each other, a wise, gentle, simple jui jitso default government of mostly women (remembering Lysistrata’s withholding of enablement to out of control dominant men,) and also non-patriarchal men of partnership, who will bring about the 5050 in the actual official government everywhere in a rescheduled, fully globally inclusive series of  elections, freed from the impact of the US lag, in 2013.

There is a quote from the film Thelma and Louise “You Get What You Settle For”.  NOW and the Feminist Majority  have induced too many women into settling for an unrepresentative  dominator-male-dominated system that is immanently endangering the Earth,  as well as all women’s rights , including the rights to balance love and work with adequate and creditted family leave, to have all their unpaid work counted in the economic system, to a sustainable Earth and to Peace on this Planet.  Disguised Patriarchal processes can induce women who do not fully realize their Endowed Divine Wisdom of Motherhood and Interconnected  Global Sisterhood, into betraying themselves and other women.

Patriarchs in the less industrialized world use women to induce and lure other women to accept wearing the veil, and undergo genital mutilation. The US Corporate Patriarchs that still control too much of both Parties, (yes, the Democratic party as it is currently functioning too) are trying to use women,  even leading and well-intentioned women, already dangerously habituated to and patient with thousand of years of patriarchy, instead of equal representation/Divinely endowed balance and empowerment of the Goddess Within, to convince other women to put the Veil on the Whole Truth, (that 5050 is needed Urgently and Overdue) and allow the last chapter in the ultimate endangerment and mutilation of All Our Great Mother, the Earth, and its future ability to connect with other Living Planets of the Galaxy and Universe.

On behalf of these women, both in and outside the US, we withdraw the acceptability of the Endorsement, and on behalf of all  men of wisdom, and the future, if there is to be one, of Children, female as well as male, too. The system is already broken, has clearly been broken since 2000 (and before),  and has not been representing women or more evolved men.  It currently already has no legitimacy in the eyes of millions of people in the US region and around the world, especially wise women and many men who want to practice the Sisterhood and Brotherhood that makes humanity on Earth OneFamilyandCommunity. Since 2000, current election and its underpinning economic paradigm has become a systemic abomination to the Almighty which includes the Interaction of Universal MotherGoddess Nature with the real FatherGod who has never been a Sexist, the One MotherFatherGoddessGod of Presence and Process in Equal Interaction,  and should be transformed or boycotted by all thinking and caring people, especially women,  let alone deserve Endorsement to continue and proceed as is, as an immanent danger to our Universal  Home Planet, called Earth, and
our Divinely Endowed Right to connect with other Living Planets in the future.



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